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How To Attach An RV Sewer Hose And Employ It (5 Easy Steps)

How To Attach An RV Sewer Hose And Employ It (5 Easy Steps)

At some stage in your RV adventure, the enjoyment may come to a stop (albeit temporarily) if you have to deplete those dreadful black and gray tanks.

The following is the simple 5 action process to hook up their RV sewer hose, empty those tanks, and obtain back to enjoying the RV lifetime immediately!

Step 1: Preparing

Preparing to drained the black colored and grey tanks isn’t some thing you want to take gently. Not only can it be gross, it can also be unsafe your fitness.

Step Two: Connect The RV Sewer Hose

Your RV sewer hose pipe has two ends a€“ one with a bayonet-style fitting that connects towards RV plus the more with an elbow or a€?La€? designed appropriate that enters the dump place inlet.

Very first, hook up the bayonet design fitting to your spend fitted on the RV. Then operate others end of the hose toward dump section inlet, placing the shoulder suitable to the inlet. If for example the elbow suitable doesn’t always have a gasket regarding conclusion that gets into the inlet, you will need any. This will help to create a good seal and prevent any leakage (believe united states you do not need any leakages).

Suggestion: need an RV sewer line service to aid establish a downhill impact for your line. This helps for web sites where in fact the surface slopes uphill into the throwing sewer inlet.

Step Three: Empty The Ebony And Gray Tanks

ESSENTIAL: opened the container regulators slowly! This may alleviate any pressure increase might possibly occur when your tanks were complete. The very last thing you need could be the pressure forcing the line to pop off the dump place inlet.

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