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Register to receive details about the application form procedure and much more.

Pay and Benefits

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P benefit plans are created to ensure the health, satisfaction, and peace of mind for each and every member of our team us serve our mission as they contribute their knowledge and skills to helping.

Competitive Pay

Agents are competitively rewarded because of their time on the job. In addition to base pay, agents are qualified to receive locality pay, overtime pay, and more.

  • Salary a salary is received by you that corresponds to your grade degree. This salary may be the number quoted on USAJOBS.
  • Week Overtime Pay Earn up to 25% of your salary and locality pay for time worked outside the 40 hour work.
  • Locality Pay you could receive pay on top of your income, depending on what county you work within. Navigate the various locality pay tables.

Other sources of compensation

  • Premium Pay perhaps you are qualified to premium buy working on Sundays, holidays and night shifts.
  • Money Awards Outstanding performers may get cash honors as recognition due to their superior efforts (funding permitting).
  • Begin as a BPA in 2021 as a GL-7 and make $49,508 – $78,269 per year june
  • Be promoted in 2022 to GL-9 and make $55,214 – $89,054 per year june
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  • Be promoted in June 2023 to GS-11 and also make $64,649 – $105,061 per year
  • Be promoted in 2024 to GS-12 and make $77,488 – $125,924 per year june

Desire to discover just what grade level you’d enter at? Review the grade level qualifications on our application guide

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