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If you are like me, then you do not have a pair of shoes that are expensive, as long as they are comfortable. However, there are people willing to spend money on anything fashionable, regardless of price. So what shoes are considered the most expensive in the world. We will look at a few, although there are many that could be on the list.

The Alligator Umbra Ankle Boot is a nice one, with a price tag of $7,500. I probably would not spend that for a boot myself, but it is a beautiful shoe. I love alligator texture in black. Plus, it is pristine. It has a pointed ankle toe and is made in Italy. You can purchase it at Barney’s New York.

Manolo Blahnik has a pump line for women that range in cost from $1,295 to the cheapest being $110. His shoes would be considered a bit more reasonable, and very stylish. Blahnik’s highest-priced shoe, the Swan Embellished Satin pump, can be found at Neiman-Marcus. The other ones are scattered across many high-end shoe stores in the country.

The House of Borgezie is known for having the most insane prices on their stilettos for women. However, these shoes are worth every penny because of how they are made. The quality is definitely second to none. Priced at $230,000, the “Eternal Borgezie” diamond stilletos are every woman’s dream. Celebrities such as Beyoncé wear these shoes. Another one of his beautifully crafted stilletos is called the “Diamond Princess Constellation”, which is priced at $331,450.

The House of Harry Winston carries ruby slippers priced at $3 million. All of the shoes listed so far before these seem like a very good deal. However, I would also say that these 4,600 ruby encrusted pumps are a knockout. Someone is bound to want to be brave and get a pair. When you got a shoe that is one of a kind and made from real rubies, you will definitely be turning heads.

Stuart Weitzman also has a shoe that sells for $3 million that is called the “Rita Hayworth” heel. This chocolate color beauty is an exceptional stilleto. Although they are expensive, they look simple. Weitzman has other shoes that range from the high $2 million to the low $500,000. All of them make nice admiring and dreaming.

Men’s shoes are not that far behind in price at all. One only has to look at Jason of Beverly Hills to see the evidence. At a price rave of $2 million, these diamond jeweled dress shoes can be seen on any man brave enough to wear them, from a mile away. They are beautifully sparkled, in the best diamond arrangement, I have ever seen.

Some men prefer Bally. Yes, the shoes are on the expensive side, but most of them will not cost that much. If you can buy the lovely wife a $500 Coach handbag, then you can afford to get a pair of these. They are roughly around the same price. A dress loafer has a price tag of $625, but if you want a sneaker, those start at $550. A pair of comfy slides will cost you about $295. It is good that men’s shoes can be cheaper than women’s.

Another high-priced men’s shoe is called Berluti. That company has a leather alligator oxford that cost $11,200. The other shoes go from the upper $2,000s, to the low $1,200s. Simple and stylish can still pack a punch in your wallet, depending on your taste.

If you are a penny loafer kinda guy, there is a company called Bolvaint. The prices of their best shoes start at a low of $1,150 to $1,300. I am sure there are men who would pay to have these in their closet. They are very nice, with lots of detail poured into each shoe. No one can touch the quality of these.

Of course, we can not go without talking about the sports entailed shoe that everyone looks forward to seeing. Yes, I’m talking about the Air Jordan. These are the most expensive sneakers to ever hit the market. Depending on where you buy them, the price could be close to $21,000.

So if you feel the need to drop a few million, thousand, hundred on some of the most luxurious shoes on the market today, go for it. Nothing is wrong with splurging on your feet. You never know when you might be able to do that again.