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Just how to Blend Eye Shadow Such As a Pro Makeup Artist

Just how to Blend Eye Shadow Such As a Pro Makeup Artist

Like those holographic snakes that occasionally go viral on Twitter, eye shadow palettes are simultaneously breathtaking and terrifying things. The numerous matte and metallic shades l k stunning, however the thought of getting a choice of them onto lids without l king such as a child’s art task gone incorrect can scare individuals far from them completely. The shadows could end up l king muddy, splotchy, patchy, or harsh without the right blending. Cringe. The word “blending” in and of itself freaks some social people away. Trust and genuinely believe that you’ll find nothing to be afraid of. Unlike those snakes that are holographic attention shadow doesn’t always have fangs.

I asked a handful of expert makeup performers to demystify eye shadow blending, and We swear mixing is easier than it l ks using their recommendations. It’s not necessary to be giving a-listers completely diffused smoky eyes all day and all night to master the strategy.

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