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I’d like to inform about time for you get up

I’d like to inform about time for you get up

Time and energy to get up

Its been such a long time you are sleeping

you have been under a spell for way too very long

Time to awaken

You have been a long way away dreaming

Thought you’re in paradise however you were staying in hell

This is actually the of our return to a higher consciousness dawn

We’re shifting to Mount Zion within the greater levels

You can forget will we groan and weep over this babylon nonsense

We been sleeping the good news is the outer skin can have the heat of this light

Therefore ask ye now and also you will be forgiven in addition to Kingdom of Jah will probably be opened for you

Righteousness may be oasis dating opinie the path associated with the living in addition to wicked shall perish in the sight of this pure and real

Enough time has arrived therefore we must know

Do you want with this revolution

Enough time has arrived now we surely gett to go

So can be you prepared with this heart revelation

Time and energy to get up from your own rest as well as your slumbering

You have been under a spell for way too very long

Of one’s heart there is a storm that is thundering

But prefer is breaking through additionally the clouds are providing means

Emerge from the shadows

Action in to the light

It is time to now show your face

It is the right time to begin to see the light

‘Cause in involving the sorrows

As well as in between your lies

I will visit your real heart

We notice it in your eyes

I get up regarding the side of the never

Chanting to those that would pierce my heart

Saying i am perhaps not afraid of forever

I’m component associated with the better entire

Just a piece into the puzzle of Zion

Searching for simply where we belong

Come to gather up all Jah Jah’s children

We are forwarding back again to our one home that is true

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