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How to handle it concerning the relationship that is incestuous my child and her relative?

How to handle it concerning the relationship that is incestuous my child and her relative?

We stepped in on my child making love with her relative.

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they have been both 14 years old. It simply happened during my sibling’s home inside her dual sleep. I becamen’t certain how i will respond but We told my sis and she simply ignored it.

This is not the time that is first it has occurred. they will have had sex on many occasions and I also have observed them kiss a times that are few. Me personally and my sibling will be the only individuals who learn about their relationship so that they only try this when they’re either alone or if perhaps me personally or my sis come in your house. They’ve admitted that while asleep overs they’ve went into one another’s rooms and invested the evening here.

We asked them they said no if they see anything wrong with their relationship and. Before their intimate relationship these were pretty near. These people were like close friends and I also think they have confused that relationship with an even more one that is intimate. They’ve explained which they love one another and they would you like to carry on their relationship and one-day get married.

Just exactly How do I need to handle this, since i am concerned with the incest component? Do I need to encourage their relationship? If you don’t, just what can I do after that?

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To begin with, the “how can I manage this” depends a whole lot about what your concerns that are own. Will be your concern the “cousin” component? or perhaps the “two 14 olds” part year? If the latter, could it be particular aspect (are they mature sufficient to regularly make use of contraception?) or perhaps basic age-readiness for intercourse as an idea?

Once you sort away your concerns, the key and best thing is always to communicate with them – like grownups.

Do not criticize (while making clear from the outset you are maybe maybe maybe not here to criticize) or patronize them.

Do not state such things as “you’re too young to learn if you should be in love”.

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