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Mississippi asks Supreme Court once more to examine its abortion that is 15-week ban

Mississippi asks Supreme Court once more to examine its abortion that is 15-week ban

Modify, October 29, 2020 The Supreme Court announced it had been postponing its Friday meeting to examine Mississippi’s petition for the court to listen to the actual situation. a date that is new maybe not yet been set.

The Mississippi attorney general petitioned the Supreme Court again on Thursday, October 22, to review their state’s 15-week abortion ban, a case that directly challenges Roe v. Wade and has the possible to reverse the landmark 1973 decision. The request arrived just hours after Republicans regarding the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination towards the high court. The Senate that is full voted verify her on Monday.

Within the seven-page brief that is supplemental Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch pointed to split up abortion-related cases where federal appeals court judges have actually extracted various interpretations of this Supreme Court’s decision in June Medical Services v. Russo — the court’s latest abortion situation which struck down a Louisiana abortion regulation . Although some courts have cited almost all opinion to block other abortion limitations, other people have rather used Chief Justice John Roberts’ concurrence to rule in support of regulations that hinder abortion access.

Fitch noted that hearing Mississippi’s defense of its 15-week abortion ban would give the Supreme Court a chance to clarify exactly how lower courts should interpret its precedent

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“This situation remains a perfect car to quickly resolve both that concern while the very first question presented—the contradictions in this Court’s choices over usage of ‘viability’ being a bright line for measuring pro-life legislation,” Fitch had written.

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